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Reddy Heater Rotor Kit, 1/2-In.
123960 Reddy Heater PP204 Heater Rotor Kit 1/2 in. World Marketing Of America Reddy Heater PP204 Heater Rotor Kit 1/2 in. 1/2 in. Reddy Heater Rotor Kit Includes M22009 Insert M224561 Pump Rotor M8643 Pump Blade & M2963…

Reddy Heater Rotor Kit, 1/2-In.

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1/2", Reddy Heater Rotor Kit, Includes M22009 Insert, M224561 Pump Rotor, M8643 Pump Blade & M29633 Intake Filter, Fits Models: Ac-165, B30, B30c, B50, B50a, B50b, B50d, B50e, B50f, B50g, B50h, B50j, B55, B55bt, B55ct, B60, B65, B65d, B66d, B70, B70b, B70bt, B70d, B70dt, B70et, B99d, B100, B100a, B100aak, B100b, B100c/F, B100d, B100g, B100kd, B110, B110a, B110b, B110bt, B110t, B115, B115ct, B115dt, B115t, B120, B125c, B140, B140d, B150, B150a, B150b, B150c, B150cak, B150d, B150f, B150ft, B150g, B150gt, B150h, B150j, B150jt, B150kd, B150m, B155/A/C, B155ct, B155dt, B155t, B165, B165a, B165at, B165ct, B165dt, B165t, B200, B200at, B200bt, B200t, B220/S, B300/C, B300d, B320, B325a/As, B350, B350a, B350b, B350d, B500/A, B600, B600/A, B600b, B600d, Bc70et, Bc100, Bc115dt, Bc165dtbv60s, Bv125, Bv125s, Bv200, Bv250, Bv250as, Bv400a/As, C35, C35a, C35b, C50d, C50e, C50f, C100d, C100e, C100f, C150d, C150e, C150f, F30, F50, F50a, F50d, F50e, F50f, F50g, F50s, F65, F65d, F66d & F110.
1/2", reddy heater rotor kit, includes m22009 insert, m224561 pump rotor, m8643 pump blade & m29633 intake filter, fits models: ac-165, b30, b30c, b50, b50a, b50b, b50d, b50e, b50f, b50g, b50h, b50j, b55, b55bt, b55ct, b60, b65, b65d, b66d, b70, b70b, b70bt, b70d, b70dt, b70et, b99d, b100, b100a, b100aak, b100b, b100c/f, b100d, b100g, b100kd, b110, b110a, b110b, b110bt, b110t, b115, b115ct, b115dt, b115t, b120, b125c, b140, b140d, b150, b150a, b150b, b150c, b150cak, b150d, b150f, b150ft, b150g, b150gt, b150h, b150j, b150jt, b150kd, b150m, b155/a/c, b155ct, b155dt, b155t, b165, b165a, b165at, b165ct, b165dt, b165t, b200, b200at, b200bt, b200t, b220/s, b300/c, b300d, b320, b325a/as, b350, b350a, b350b, b350d, b500/a, b600, b600/a, b600b, b600d, bc70et, bc100, bc115dt, bc165dtbv60s, bv125, bv125s, bv200, bv250, bv250as, bv400a/as, c35, c35a, c35b, c50d, c50e, c50f, c100d, c100e, c100f, c150d, c150e, c150f, f30, f50, f50a, f50d, f50e, f50f, f50g, f50s, f65, f65d, f66d & f110.
  • Complete 1/2" Rotor Kit
  • Annual replacement recommended.
  • Refer to owners manual for detailed instructions.
  • See application guide for complete listing.

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Reddy Heater

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