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Horticultural Clay Pebbles, 10-Liter Bag
181054 Plant!T 10 Liter Horticultural Clay Pebbles 8-16 mm GMC10L Plant!T 10 Liter Horticultural Clay Pebbles 8-16 mm Plant!T 10 Liter Horticultural Clay Pebbles 8 mm-16 mm Pebble Size Made From 100% Natural Clay …

Horticultural Clay Pebbles, 10-Liter Bag

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Plant!T, 10 Liter, Horticultural Clay Pebbles, 8 mm-16 mm Pebble Size, Made From 100% Natural Clay, Are Clean, pH Stable & Offer Great Aeration & Drainage, Especially In Flood & Drain, Deep Water Culture & Drip Feed Systems, Due To Their Unique Structure & Ability To Cover A Large Surface Area, Offer The Ideal Environment To Foster Beneficial Bacterial Growth Around The Root Zone, Leading To Naturally Healthier Plants.
Plant!t, 10 liter, horticultural clay pebbles, 8 mm-16 mm pebble size, made from 100% natural clay, are clean, ph stable & offer great aeration & drainage, especially in flood & drain, deep water culture & drip feed systems, due to their unique structure & ability to cover a large surface area, offer the ideal environment to foster beneficial bacterial growth around the root zone, leading to naturally healthier plants.
  • Extremeley stable in both pH and EC
  • Made from 100% natural clay
  • Strong structural integrity means that they are less likely to break and compact, which helps to prevent dripper systems from getting blocked
  • Pre-washed to aid in stability
  • Will not float once fully wet
  • Ideal to mix into coco coir or soil to aid aeration
  • Also ideal to be used in aquaponic systems

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