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Mineral Dirt 180, 10-Lbs.
210171 Ani Logics Outdoors 10 Lb. Mineral Dirt 180 30700 Ani Logics Outdoors 10 Lb. Mineral Dirt 180 10 LB Ani-Logics Mineral Dirt 180 Deer Need Key Minerals To Achieve Maximum Antler Growth Mix…

Mineral Dirt 180, 10-Lbs.

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10 LB, Ani-Logics Mineral Dirt 180, Deer Need Key Minerals To Achieve Maximum Antler Growth, Mix Mineral Dirt 180 With Dirt To Create A Beneficial Deer Mineral Lick To Provide Vitamins & Minerals Like Copper, Zinc, Selenium & Manganese, Contains Ani-Shield TX4, Designed To Promote Whitetail Deer Health & Antler Growth.
Using Mineral Dirt 180 is an excellent and easy way to provide key vitamins and minerals, essential to strengthening a healthy immune system and growing bigger antlers. This unique proprietary blend of vitamins and chelated minerals like Copper, Zinc, Selenium, and Manganese are highly absorbable and available to whitetail deer. Vitamins and minerals are essential to the bone-building process that takes place from the minute buds appear in the spring until the last velvet is rubbed off in the fall, resulting in bigger, higher quality antlers. Mineral Dirt 180 blends seamlessly with the soil, encouraging natural consumption. It also contains Ani-Shield TX4 , a concentrated deer power pack, designed to promote deer health and growth. Healthier deer mean bigger deer with bigger racks! And we believe that is the Mineral Dirt 180 Advantage!
  • Whitetail deer mineral mix that blends naturally with dirt
  • Ani-Shield TX4 designed for whitetail deer antler growth and promotes health
  • Proprietary Whitetail deer attractant
  • Formulated with vitamins and chelated minerals
  • 10 lbs. Easy to carry handle

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