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Alternative Energy

Solar Power and Alternative Energy

Midland Hardware is on the cutting edge with alternative energy sources, which are safe, clean, and can save you a great deal of money in power costs as well as serving your needs in an emergency if the power grid goes down.

We carry solar battery chargers for every size of battery from AAA to car batteries. Power all your electronics in your home and vehicle through solar charging. We also have solar power panels ready to outfit your home, wind turbines, Sunforce products, and more.

Alternative energy is a worthwhile investment and the setup and equipment will pay for itself in the long run, reducing your reliance on the utility grid to power your home. Midland Hardware is pleased to be able to bring you these excellent products at affordable prices.

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Battery Charging Kit 18W
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Battery Maintainer 2W
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Solar Charge Controller 12V
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Solar Charging Kit 55W
Out of Stock
Solar Battery Trickle Charger 6W
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Trickle Charger 10W
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Solar Power Panel 100W
Out of Stock
Solar Power Panel 150W
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Solar Decoy Camera
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In Stock
Solar Charge Controller 7A
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