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What do I do if I am Missing an Item?

Posted by on 10/15/2016 to All Questions
 What do I do if I am Missing an Item?
Not receiving your complete order can be frustrating! If you are missing items from your order please, fill out the form located below, or feel free to contact our customer care team for assistance.

How do I know I am receiving multiple packages?

If for any reason your order had to be shipped in multiple shipments you will receive more than one "Order Processed" confirmation email.

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Missing Orders

We at Midland Hardware are not responsible for lost or stolen packages that are successfully delivered to the shipping address provided to us by you the customer.

 A FedEx claim will need to first be opened by the customer for any order that has not been received despite the FedEx tracking information. FedEx will conduct a trace investigation. Please provide us the claim number so that we can then call and try to get this handled for you. FedEx requires 7 days to conduct their investigation. 

We follow the ruling by FedEx for the claim. If they deem that the order has been delivered to the correct address, the case will be closed. If they tell us the package has been lost, we will file a claim with FedEx and will reorder the items for you.

We are not responsible for any items that are left on porches, at front/back doors, in bushes, or in yards, etc. A signature request must be requested at the time the order is placed if you do not want packages to be left by FedEx while no one is home. If you request items to be left in a specific place, we are not responsible for FedEx leaving packages in places other than specified.

We as the shipper will do all we can to help with the matter, however, once delivery has been confirmed, we have fulfilled our duties to get the item to you that you have ordered. We do not assume responsibility for the actions of outside agencies, or the general public.

Missing Item or Order Request Form

A Representative will contact you shortly.
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