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4 Home Improvement Projects to Beat the Summer Heat

Posted by Mike Rotter on 5/19/2017
4 Home Improvement Projects to Beat the Summer Heat

4 Home Improvement Projects to Beat the Summer Heat

June 21st is the first day of summer in 2017, and it will roll around before you know it. Now is a great time to knock out a few home improvement projects that will help you (and your home) to beat the heat and look good doing it.

Maintain, Upgrade, or Enhance your Air Conditioning

Summer is on the way and you know what that means: high temperatures! Especially if you live in a hotter climate, keeping cool is going to be paramount— and old, inefficient, or malfunctioning air conditioning will cost you both money and comfort. If you have central air, you'll want to make sure your AC and ducts are in good working order. Alternately, you may want to look at window or portable AC units as another option or even a complement to your existing system. If you have a room your central air just doesn't seem to reach, or you want to save energy by cooling just one room at a time, a window or portable air conditioner can work wonders. Also, make sure your thermostat is up to date.

Install Ceiling Fans

Sometimes, simply moving the air throughout your house can make a huge difference in temperature. Ceiling fans are energy-efficient and can do wonders for airflow, and can double as lighting fixtures. When you install a ceiling fan the blades should be at least 7 feet above the floor with the ends at least 30 inches away from the walls, although this can vary from one fan to another. You'll need a ladder, of course, and tools for installation such as wire cutters and screwdrivers. A circuit tester is also necessary. Gloves and eye protection are a good idea for safety since you'll be looking up as you work and may come into contact with wires.

Enhance your Insulation and Ventilation

Few things make as big of a difference in your home's energy efficiency as proper insulation. During the summer months, better insulation keeps more cold air in your home so your air conditioner doesn't have to work as hard, using less power and saving you money. Your home's siding and even paint can also help a great deal with insulation. Ventilation is the other side of this coin, as it's vital for eliminating the heat produced by various appliances. Your bathroom is a common source of heat (and humidity), as is your kitchen. Make sure you also check your dryer vent and perform any needed maintenance to ensure the hot air goes outside where it belongs.

Spruce Up your Windows and Shutters

Even if you're planning on spending most of the long, hot summer indoors, you'll still want to look out the window! Better windows and shutters can do wonders for keeping out the heat, and they make a big difference in the look of your home, too. The right windows can allow you a measure of control over the amount of sunlight and heat you let into your home. Make sure your windows are properly sealed and caulked as this is very important for temperature and energy efficiency.

Hopefully, these four tips will have you on your way to a nice, "chill" summer this year! If you have any questions, contact Midland Hardware and be sure to browse our catalog for everything you need for all your projects.

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