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All Purpose Glue

Good and trust worthy Elmer's all purpose glue. This glue has been around for eons and for a good reason. You can get gallons of all purpose glue/adhesive or as discrete as 2.oz for those smaller projects that just need a helping hand. It doesn't stop at Elmer's we also have forever trust worthy Weldbond. Bonds almost anything, Bonds metal, styrofoam, tile, marble, wood & so much more. Welbond is also water resistant when dry, dries clear, can be reduce with water to seal porous surfaces such as drywall or brick or use as a bonding agent for cement & plaster applications, non-toxic, bonding exceptions: some types of plastic, rubber & cast metals will not produce a bond. Lets not forget our heavy duty construction adhesive. For those bonds that King Kong couldn't even pry apart. Can be used for sub-flooring, paneling, plywood, bathroom fixtures, insulation, furring strips, chip & wall board, marble sills, moldings, trims, signs, name plates, brick & stone, easy to use in all weather conditions,
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All-Purpose Glue-All, 1.25-oz.
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2-oz. General-Purpose Bonding Adhesive
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All-Purpose Glue, 1-Gallon
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4 Ounce Peice Universal Glue
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Original Glue, 2-oz.
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Original Glue, 4-oz.
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Original Glue Minis, 3g Tubes, 4-Pk.
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Original Glue, 8-oz.
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Original Glue, 18-oz.
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Original Glue, 36-oz..
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Glue Precision Pen, White, .75-oz.
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Glue, White, 2-oz.
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Welding Replacement Cartridge Refill, 4-gram
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