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We have several types of glue for bonding any surface. Hot Glue is generally used to hold very lightweight objects used commonly for hobbies. Hot Glue Guns aid in heating up the glue stix and dispense the glue evenly by the control of a trigger. Super Glue is the duct tape of glue it can fix anything in a snap. Gorilla Glue bonds materials other adhesives simply can't--metal, stone, wood, ceramics, foam, glass and much more! And it's still the best glue for anyone who wants the job done right. 

Quick Tip: To remove Super Glue from your skin, soak the bonded area in warm soapy water or acetone.
  • Glue Sticks
    4 inch, 10 inch, Glue Sticks, Wood Glue Sticks, All Purpose
  • Polyurethane Glue
    Polyurethane Glue, Glue All Max, Elmer ft. s, Weatherproof
  • Super Glue
    Extra Time Control Super Glue, Gorilla Super Glue, Loctite
  • Wood Glue
    Carpenter Glue, Titebond II Glue, Waterproof Wood Glue, Wood Glue
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High-Temperature Mini Trigger-Fed Glue Gun
In Stock
20-Pack 0.44 x 4-Inch Regular Glue Sticks
In Stock
25-Pack 0.28 x 4-Inch Mini Glue Stick
In Stock
Tite Chairs Glue 5 Gram
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Outdoor Wood Adhesive 1 Oz.
In Stock
Subfloor Adhesive, Contractor-Grade, 28-oz.
In Stock
Original Wood Glue, 1-Qt.
In Stock
Fast Set Glue Gel 2 Oz.
In Stock
II Premium Wood Glue, 1-Qt.
In Stock
III Ultimate Wood Glue, 1-Qt.
In Stock
Wood Glue Max, Stainable, 1-Gal.
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In Stock
Glue Gun, Dual-Temp, Heavy-Duty
In Stock
Professional Glue Gun, Lever-Feed
In Stock
Glue Sticks, 4 x .5-In., 24-Ct.
In Stock
8-Pack 0.44 x 10-Inch Regular Glue Sticks
In Stock
Glue Sticks, 10 x .5-In., 12-Ct.
In Stock
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