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Air Deodorizers & Sanitizers

Whether you need to eliminate a stubborn odor or just freshen the place up a bit, Midland Hardware has just what you need to bring a breath of fresh air into any part of your home. We have plug-in scented oil warmers, cabinet air fresheners, basement odor eliminator, candles, and of course air freshener refills. We also have spray air fresheners perfect for a quick blast into any room!

Since moisture can lead to odors as well as other damage to a room or its contents, we also have moisture absorbers and refills. Not only do they remove moisture from a room, closet, or cabinet, they also help prevent condensation on windows and other surfaces. We have mold killer too, to help you attend to damaged areas.

Browse our selection of air deodorizers and sanitizers and you'll find the perfect solution to odors and moisture.

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