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Anti Slip Protection

Every year, over 800,000 people end up in the hospital due to a slip and fall! These accidents occur anywhere: in the workplace, outdoors, in shopping centers, and elsewhere, but most accidents do happen at home.

At Midland Hardware, we have what you need to improve safety both at home and in the workshop by helping prevent slips and falls. We have anti-slip tread for tubs and showers, which is a necessity in any household. Think about it � when people shower, their minds wander and they get careless, and it just takes a little bit of spilled shampoo and a momentary lapse of attention to cause a fall. Anti-slip tread in your bath is just common sense!

We also carry anti-slip tread for many other surfaces, including ladders, which are also a common cause of injury due to falls. With anti-slip tread, your foot is less likely to slide off the rung, which is extremely important in any workshop where slippery fluids or oils are used and might clog the treads of your shoes. We also have friction tape, useful for making anything easier to grip, whether with your hands or your feet. Be safe!

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