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As Autumn Approaches, Get Ready for Camping!

Posted by Mike Rotter on 8/21/2017 to Outdoor Living
As Autumn Approaches, Get Ready for Camping!

Ready to go Camping?

There's nothing like a long, hot summer to make people dream of being outdoors in beautiful, cool weather. Especially if you love being outside and you're sick of being cooped up! At last, autumn is on the way and you can start planning to take advantage of the lower temperatures. What better way to celebrate your freedom from being stuck inside next to your air conditioner than with a camping trip?

You still have some time to prepare, but if you have kids, you might want to tighten your deadline so you can take them camping for a last-minute trip before the start of the school year. School has already begun in several areas, but kids elsewhere still have time for one last hurrah before their vacations end, so that's something to consider!

Here's what you need to go over to make sure you're ready.


Shelter is pretty obvious, but depends on the kind of camping you prefer to do. If you're an RV enthusiast, you may already have your ideal setup, but you should evaluate everything to determine if you need to add or replace any of your RV supplies and accessories. If your favorite campsite has cabins for rent, that answers that question too. But if you like to camp the old-fashioned way, you'll need a good tent and accessories to keep it in top shape.

You'll have more fun if you sleep better, so look into solutions like the Rest Easy Camp Pad or maybe an air bed (don't forget an air mattress pump). Sleeping bags are another favorite. If you'd prefer to stay off the ground, consider the Trailhead II Cot.


Half the fun of camping is gathering around the fire, so make sure you can sit comfortably. Folding camping furniture like chairs, stools, and tables can lend an air of comfort and civilization to your campsite without adding too much bulk that needs to be packed and carried.

Food, water, and cooking

You might be imagining roasting hot dogs on sticks, but why not expand your options with a portable camping stove and camping cookware? With a little creativity, you can prepare great meals while still retaining that wilderness atmosphere. You can even have your morning cup of Joe with a camping coffee pot. Beef up your food selections (pun intended) with MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) available in several recipes like noodles and beef, chili mac with beef, cheesy lasagna, and more. Also consider freeze-dried foods and emergency food kits. And of course there's another beloved way to supplement your camping rations: fishing! Don't forget fishing poles, lines, and lures!

You'll also need a steady supply of clean water, so look into drinking water treatment kits and water carriers. Never neglect your water supply under any cicumstances!


Just because you're camping doesn't mean you should forego your personal hygiene, and ideally you'll keep the environment clean as well! Camp shower kits and portable camping toilets are a great way to bring some of the comforts of home out into nature, and a pop-up camping trash can will help you keep your garbage contained.


You'll need some reliable camping tools to make it all work, and the 38 Item Survival Kit In A Can is a great start. The X2 Pocket Pal Survival Tool is another popular option, and between the two of those items you'll have a ton of the small essentials like fire starters, a compass, signal whistles, and more. Don't forget an axe, folding shovel, handsaw, and machete!


The right safety preparations can make all the difference between a memorable wilderness outing and a complete disaster. Bring a basic first aid kit at the very least, or even a more advanced first aid kit. A snake bite kit might be a good idea (although you can usually avoid venomous snakes by staying clear of thick underbrush and making a lot of noise while you walk, to give them time to get away from you). You should also think about bugs, which sometimes carry diseases, making them more than just annoying pests. Mosquito nets for your campsite and wearable nets can keep most bugs off you, but you should also bring some of your favorite insect repellant.

The outdoors can get unbelievably dark at night, so for safety's sake, make sure your campsite is well-lit. Camping lanterns and tent lights will help you navigate your camp and also help keep some animals away. Bring a couple of powerful flashlights and keep a solar charging flashlight as a backup.

Now, the fun part

Whew! That may seem like a lot of preparation, but you'll enjoy your camping trip much more if you take care of everything and leave as little as possible to chance. Once you've collected your supplies, make a checklist and see if anything's missing, and feel free to contact Midland Hardware if you have any questions about our products or any accessories you might need. Then it's time to mark out a few days on the calendar to get back to nature!

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