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We've got a great selection in Fluids for your cars everyday needs. Some great power steering options, lubes, fuel treatments, and anti-freeze to choose from. Many of your most trusted brands and all right here just for you. heavy duty fluids for those tough jobs that require that extra notch. To those simple and effect products that are exactly what you need for that perfect hint of difference. Don't trust any ol' product with you car needs. Find some of the best and keep your car going and feeling great on the road. There is a little something for just about everything at Midland Hardware.com
  • Antifreeze and Radiator
    Winter Ban Marine Antifreeze, Boiler Antifreeze, Radiator Cleaner
  • Brakes
    Prestone Brake Fluid, STP, Brakleen Cleaner, Dot 4
  • Cleaning
    Engine Degreaser, Contact Cleaner, Electro Cleaner, Oil Absorbent
  • Fuel Treatment
    Motor Tune Up, Fuel System Cleaner, Octane Booster, Gas Treatment
  • Lube
    Garage Door Lubricant, Multi-Purpose Grease, Lithium Grease
  • Oil
    Motor Oil, Castrol GTX, Marine 2 Cycle Oil, Pennzoil
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Starting Fluid, 7.5-oz.
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Diesel 9-1-1 Fuel Additive, Winter Formula, 80-oz.
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Snow Plow Oil, 1-Qt.
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Diesel Exhaust Fluid, 2.5-Gal.
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