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Brooms, Dust Pans & Mops

At Midland Hardware, we have every type of broom or mop you'll ever need. Check out our wide selection of push brooms, whisk brooms, utility brushes and more. We also have a ton of dust pans in assorted sizes to go with them, perfect for any application, as well as additional broom handles.

We also carry mops, as well as mop heads and refills so you can always have a squeaky-clean, sanitized floor. To complete our selection we carry mop buckets and wringers. We have powered mops and replacement pads too, for those who don't want to do it the old-fashioned way. To keep your floors the cleanest and avoid the spread of harmful bacteria, you need to replace your mop heads or pads often, and you can get all you need from Midland Hardware at a great price!

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