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Bulk Wire

Sometimes you need electrical wire and lots of it. Midland Hardware has a great selection of bulk electrical wire suitable for all your projects, including bare copper wire in 4 gauge, 6 gauge, and 8 gauge as well as a grounding wire. We also have aluminum service cable, solid and stranded jacketed cable, Romex cable, non-metallic sheathed cable, multi-purpose underground feeder cable, and more.

If you need replacement lamp cords, coaxial cable, and any other replacement wires, we also keep those in stock. Our cables come in a huge variety of lengths so you can get enough every time, even if you need 500 feet.

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12/2 Submersible Pump Cable, 500-Ft.
In Stock
12/3 Submersible Pump Cable, 500-Ft.
Out of Stock
EMT Conduit, Steel, Thinwall, 3/4-In. x 5-Ft.
In Stock
EMT Conduit, Steel, Thinwall, 1/2-In. x 5-Ft.
In Stock
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