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Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets and Hardware

Get an updated look without a complete remodel.

Midland Hardware has the perfect supplies for any room with a cabinet or drawer, from bathrooms to kitchens to bedrooms; anywhere.

Browse a complete assortment of bathroom vanities made for every part of the bathroom including to fit over the toilet, kitchen cabinets, and base cabinets, and medicine cabinets with both sliding and swinging doors.

Give your current cabinets and drawers a facelift with all the hinges, knobs, and pulls you could ever want, as well as several types of catches including double roller catches and magnetic catches. Pick up drawer parts and slides to keep your drawers perfectly in place and moving smoothly.

Midland Hardware carries trunk parts too, including lid and friction support. In fact, we have everything you need for your home.
  • Bathroom Vanities
    Toilet Toppers, Vanity Fully Assembled, Vanity Tops - 19 in. - 22 in. Depth
  • Catches
    Magnetic Catch, Strike, Double Roller Catch, Double Magnet Catch
  • Drawer Parts
    Drawer Slide, Door Adjustable Guide, Drawer Roller, Drawer Guide
  • Hinges
    Gate Hinge, Door Hinge, Decorative Hinge, Non-Mortise Hinge
  • Knobs
    Round Knob, Ridge Knob, Wood Knob, Oval Knob, Designer
  • Medicine Cabinets
    Medicine Cabinet Sliding Door, Swinging Door, Tri-View Mirrored
  • Pulls
    Drawer Pull, Mulholland Pull, Designer Pulls, Cabinet Pull
  • Trunk Parts
    Lid Support, Friction Support, Hanging Support, Antique
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    New Items not yet categorized or sub-categorized
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