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Protective Clothing & Accessories

Coveralls and shoe covers are a necessity for some types of jobs, and for multiple reasons. First, they protect your clothing and shoes from dust and harmful debris, staining, and other damage. Secondly, they protect surfaces from shoe marks and dirt contamination. In short, coveralls and shoe covers can be used both to protect yourself from the environment, and to protect the environment from you. Depending on your work site, one or both might be necessary.

Midland Hardware carries a wide assortment of coveralls, with and without hoods for extra protection. We also have shoe and boot covers. Our coveralls are made from Tyvek fabric for its durability and protective properties.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us here at Midland Hardware!

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Zip-Front Coverall, White, 25-Pk., Large
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Zip-Front Coverall, Hooded, White, 25-Pk., XXXL
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Zip-Front Coverall, White, 25-Pk., XL
In Stock
25PK XXL WHT Coverall
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25PK 3XL WHT Coverall
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Disposable Coveralls, White, Large, 25-Pk.
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25PK XL Coverall Hood
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Disposable Coveralls, White, XXL, 25-Pk.
In Stock
25PK 3XL Coverall/Hood
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25PK Lg WHT Coverall
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25PK LG Coverall/Hood
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Disposable Coveralls, White, X-Large, 25-Pk.
In Stock
25PK XXL Coverall/Hood
Out of Stock
200PK GRY Shoe Cover
In Stock
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