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Dowels - Pins, Plugs, and Biscuits


Do you need dowels, dowel pins, dowel plugs or doweling jigs for a project? Midland Hardware has you covered. We carry wooden dowel pins and biscuits in many sizes, flat head and mushroom head dowel plugs in oak and birch, and rust-resistant precision doweling jigs to help you out with any furniture or carpentry job.

For more tools, equipment, and parts that you need, check out the rest of our catalog and you're sure to find everything you're looking for. Midland Hardware is your one-stop-shop for every home and garden project!

  • Dowel Pins
    Many Sizes, Dowels Pins, #0, #10, #20 Biscuits, Shaker Pegs
  • Dowel Plugs
    Flat Head, Mushroom Head, Round Head, Plugs, Buttons, Oak, Birch
  • Doweling Jigs
    Dowel Center Set, Precision Doweling Jig, 6 Twist Drill Sizes
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