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Dusters & Squeegees

Get rid of annoying dust with tools from Midland Hardware! We have a wide variety of dusters, including traditional feather dusters, telescoping dusters, duster mitts, flex dusters, mini blind dusters, high-reach dusters for fans and cobwebs, and more. We also carry cheese cloth, cotton and microfiber dusting cloths, and dusting wipes so you can dust every surface.

You can also find window scrubbers and squeegees here, so you can clean all your windows including screens. We also have replacement squeegee blades and other supplies, as well as floor squeegees which are great for removing water after mopping.

  • Cloth and Wipes
    Easy Duster Refills, Microfiber Towel, Cotton Dust Cloth
  • Dusters
    Microfiber Dusting Mitt, Turkey Feather Duster, Ostrich Feather
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