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Needing to replace some light bulbs? Midland Hardware has what you need from Various Voltages and Decore bulbs, as well as Fluorescent and Incandescent Bulbs with over 500 different products to choose from you are sure to find exactly what you need right here at Midland Hardware.
  • 12 Volt
    Halogen, High Intensity, Low Voltage, Specialty Bulbs, 2 Pin Bulbs
  • 130 Volt
    Frosted, Standard Household Bulbs, Incandescent Bulbs, General Service
  • Accessories and Changing
    Bulb Changer, Protective Sleeves, Bulb Changing Accessories
  • LED Bulbs
    G.E. Lighting, L.E.D., Candle Bulbs, Clear, Medium Bulbs
  • Par
    Halogen, Flood Lights, Outdoor Security Bulbs, Xenon Bulbs
  • Quartz HID
    High Pressure, Sodium Bulbs, Flood Lights, Halogen Bulbs, Replacements
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