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Midland Hardware is proud to be your source for tools and supplies for any project, whether at home or the workshop. Our huge selection of electrical tools includes everything you need for working on wiring, circuits, repairs, and more.

We carry electrician's tools, battery testing tools, electrical accessories, and testing tools for both energized and non-energized circuits. We have several types of multimeters including digital, analog, and clamp-on. We also have everything you need for soldering, from soldering guns and irons to soldering tips, flux, and other accessories.

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48-Piece 16-14AWG Terminal Kit
In Stock
Cable Stripper
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Fish Ease 12-Ft. Fish Stick Fiberglass Rod
In Stock
Modular Plug Crimp Tool
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Wire Connector & Terminal Assortment, 80-Pc.
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Electrical Terminal Connector Kit, 100-Pc.
In Stock
Heat Shrink Kit, 24-Pc.
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Terminal Kit, 12-10 AWG, 28-Pc.
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46-Piece 22-18AWG Terminal Kit
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High-Impact Punch Down Tool
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