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Exterior and Interior Home Maintenance for Spring

Posted by Christianna Cannon on 3/26/2018 to Outdoor Living
Exterior and Interior Home Maintenance for Spring

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist


If you've been stuck inside most of the winter, you've probably only been able to guess as to how the weather might have affected your home and yard. If everything was covered in snow and debris, potential damage may have been hidden from you. Now that spring has rolled around, it's time to give your home some much-needed care and address any problems that may have cropped up during the winter.

The first thing you should do is a full inspection of your home. Bring a pair of binoculars to make it easier to spot issues on your roof, and be ready to take a close look at everything. Make a list of what needs to be fixed.


Exterior Maintenance Tasks

Outside, take a careful walk around the house and look for anything out of place, like messed-up shingles, warped boards on your deck, and any other type of weather damage. Shingles may need to be replaced, patched, or simply nailed back down. You may need to sand and seal your deck if the surface looks at all compromised.

If you notice damage to paint or siding, you'll want to repaint and repair or replace it to keep your home protected from the elements, as along with the shingles, these comprise your home's "shell" that both protects the structure and aids insulation. Your windows are an important part of this too, so check the integrity of their sealing. Also, check gutters for clear drainage; the last thing you need is a puddle of melting snow or sleet stuck on the roof.

Check masonry for white patches — this means the mortar has started to absorb water and mildew. Check your sprinklers, too, and the rest of your outdoor water system, for leaks and damage caused by frost.

Check driveways and walkways, keep them safely maneuverable for your family, friends, and visitors.

Interior Maintenance Tasks

Inside, look for signs of leaks or cracks near the ceiling line of your walls — drywall is prone to crack up there due to expansions and contractions caused by changes in temperature. Plug, patch, or replace drywall or sheetrock if necessary. Check your windows on the inside, too, as properly-sealed windows need to be protected on both their indoor and outdoor sides.

Search carefully for any evidence that insects or rodents have started to take up residence indoors, which commonly happens during the winter as resources in the environment become scarce. Examine all exposed wood for insect activity, and check your attic (as well as inside all your cabinets) for dark patches that represent mold growth. Keep the mice and bugs away with the best regular or organic insect control, repellants, bait stations, and traps.

Give your basement a thorough inspection for dampness and water penetration at the base of the walls. Examine all your pipes for signs of leakage or damage. If the pipes are dripping, they could be leaking or simply giving off excessive condensation. You’ll need to repair or replace leaking pipes, but if the water present is due to condensation, you’ll only need to insulate them. Either way, see to your pipes before they cause water damage.


Home Maintenance Tools and Supplies

As a trusted retailer of everything you need to care for and improve your home, Midland Hardware is your best source for the tools and supplies you’ll need for these home maintenance tasks. We have what you’ll need for fixing the issues mentioned in this article, and much more. Whether it’s pipe insulation, deck sealant, window parts and insulation, paint and siding, or anything else, we’ve got it!

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