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Fire Protection

Protect your home, office, workshop, or other location from fire and toxic gases with fire protection supplies from Midland Hardware. We carry a wide range of smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and more.

Not only are smoke detectors a requirement for safety in any home and workplace, a carbon monoxide detector can also save lives. Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless gas that causes a variety of serious health problems that can result in death after prolonged exposure. The odorless nature of the gas makes it extremely dangerous, and so a detector is necessary to discover the gas before the problem gets too serious. All enclosed structures should have a CO detector, especially those near a garage.

Midland Hardware also carries emergency escape ladders to help people leave safely in the event of a fire, as well as fire extinguisher strap brackets so you can hang extinguishers at numerous locations. Stay safe and invest in this life-saving equipment!

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Fire Block Barrier, 10.1-oz.
In Stock
Digital Carbon Monoxide Detectors, 6-Pack
In Stock
AC Digital Carbon Monoxide Alarm
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Firex Carbon Monoxide/ Smoke Alarm
Out of Stock
Universal Smoke Alarm Adapter
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In Stock
13-Foot 2-Story Escape Fire Ladder
In Stock
Premium Smoke Alarm with Hush & Test Button
In Stock
Smoke Test  Brand Smoke Detector Tester
In Stock
Fire Extinguisher Strap Bracket
In Stock
Metal Strap Bracket
Out of Stock
Smoke/CO Detector, AC Hard-Wired
In Stock
Smoke/CO Detector, DC Battery-Operated
In Stock
CO Alarm With Night Light, AC Plug-In
In Stock
Voice CO Alarm, AC Plug-In
In Stock
CO Alarm With Escape Light, AC Plug-In
In Stock
Photoelectric Sensor Smoke Alarm
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