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First Aid

Everyone should have a first aid kit, whether in the home, office, car, classroom, or workshop. You may never have to use it, but if a situation arises that requires first aid, you'll be glad you have a first aid kit on hand. A first aid kit gives you what you need to help yourself, your family, employees, or even strangers by providing immediate attention to an injury.

At Midland Hardware, we carry several first aid kits of different sizes, up to 224 pieces to provide first aid supplies to 25 people. We also have several types of adhesive bandages to back up your first aid kit or keep in the medicine cabinet. For safety on-the-go, we have a 137-piece automobile first aid kit which includes supplies you might need on the road, such as a car banner for police aid.

Wherever you are, there's no reason not to have a first aid kit available, so pick one up today from Midland Hardware.

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200-Piece  First Aid Kit
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25-Person First Aid Kit
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Small Travel First-Aid Kit
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30CT WTRproof Bandages
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36PC First Aid Kit
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137-Piece Auto First Aid Kit
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Fabric Bandage, 1 x 3-In. 100-Ct.
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Tekk Protection Weekend Project Safety Kit
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