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First Aid & Safety

Emergency Safety & First Aid

In an emergency situation, quick thinking and immediate action can save lives. In scenarios like these, it's very important to have the right supplies and equipment on hand. You don't want someone else to get hurt while trying to help an injured person or deal with an emergency. That's why Midland Hardware carries all the supplies to both address emergency situations and to help prevent them from ever occurring. 

We have all kinds of safety gear including ear protection, eye protection, head protection, and protective clothing including footwear, gloves, kneepads, and more. We keep reflective safety vests in stock to ensure high visibility in any situation. Anti-slip tape and tread for all surfaces, back and work belts, and safety harnesses prevent injuries before they happen. And if something does go wrong, we carry first aid kit supplies too. 

Dealing with paint or chemicals? You'll need a respirator to protect your throat and lungs. We also carry sprayers to ensure safe application. 

Home safety is covered as well, including detection of toxins with Radon Test Kits, Carbon Monoxide Alarms, and Water Quality Test Kits. Childproof your home with outlet safety caps and gates. We even have gun safes to keep your home defense secure. Midland Hardware is here to help you get what you need to create a safe environment in the home, workshop, or anywhere.
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