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Great Ideas for Spring and Summer Yard Design

Posted by Michael Rotter on 4/20/2017
Great Ideas for Spring and Summer Yard Design

Great Ideas for Spring and Summer Yard Design

As snow clears and weather becomes more favorable, many of us are looking forward to spending more time outdoors. One of the best ways to enjoy your yard is to put time into designing your space for your favorite outdoor activities. Even if the weather outside is still frightful, it's never too early to start planning! Here are some yard design ideas to get your summertime juices flowing.


Gardening is always a great way to add some color to your yard, even if you decide on vegetables rather than flowers— and if you do, you'll also get the satisfaction of eating what you've grown! No matter which you decide on, you'll need to plot out an area for your garden first. Consider the shape and size of your yard and how other elements might work in combination with your garden, and go from there. For example, if your garden will be right up against your home, you can divide it with a footpath allowing access to your door. This also has the benefit of symmetry if such details are important to the design you have in mind. When you've planned it all out and are ready for planting, you'll need seeds, top soil, and perhaps fertilizer. Make sure you have the right garden tools as well.

Fences and Edging

Garden fences, borders, and edging are a great way to define the space in your yard and serve to give your garden that finished look. Classic stone edging has a natural appearance that goes perfectly with most décor. Put the edging right up against the edge of your garden to give it a smooth, decorative border. Garden fences are another option for marking the edges of your garden, but can also be used to break up the yard into pleasing spaces. Trellises and arbors are another great idea for making your yard look like home. Consider a plan that uses multiple elements of this type in combination.

A Pond or Fountain

Few things impart a greater sense of peace, relaxation, and beauty to an area than a quietly babbling pond. With the right pond and fountain accessories, you can build a beautiful, clean, natural-looking pond and even stock it with fish. When deciding where to build your pond, one idea is to make it a more private area of your yard where you can go to relax. You can divide your pond from the rest of the yard through trellises and fencing as mentioned above. With some creative landscaping, you can create a wonderful little pocket of tranquility.

Outdoor Seating

You'll need a means to relax and enjoy the results of your hard work, whether alone or with family and friends! Consider space for lawn furniture and maybe even a shelter or gazebo. Perhaps you'll want to designate an open area in your yard for grilling, so make sure you plan your space appropriately! If you have kids, make sure they have an area to play where they'll be a safe distance away from the grill or fire pit. Playground equipment will be a fun treat for the kids and entice them away from other parts of the yard where you'd prefer them not to play.

Lighting and Finishing Touches

You may want to add a few lawn ornaments such as statues, especially when a place just seems to be missing something and you aren't sure what. Mark out your designated pathways with torches or LED lanterns to keep your yard safely navigable in the dark. Try solar-powered lights, which will charge during the day and light up at night, and citronella torches which will help repel insects.

Get Inspired!

For more ideas, check out your favorite home and garden magazine, television show, or website. Browse Midland Hardware's catalog and you'll see the full range of tools and supplies we offer, which will help inspiration come to you!

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