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Nuts, Bolts, Hardware & more

Midland Hardware is your source for all kinds of hardware! Nuts, screws, bolts, and hangers of all types are available here in our catalog. Whether you need to hang a picture, staple some cable, or fasten anything, we have the supplies you need. 

We have braces, brackets, and corner irons in many sizes and metals. We also carry a variety of casters suitable for all types of furniture. Wood joiners and joint fasteners can also be required for many projects and we carry those as well. 

We have rivets, washers, pulleys and ropes, springs, and even stock metal like rebar! An assortment of chain and wire is available in our catalog, as are nails and ribbed plastic anchors. We really do have everything you need for your project, no matter what. 

Please browse our catalog and you will definitely find the right tools and supplies for your needs.

  • Rivets
    Speedy Rivets, Tubular Rivets, Medium Aluminum Rivet, Assorted
  • Rope Chain and Wire
    Boat Lines, Chain, Cord, Twine, Mason Line, Rope, Straps, Tie Downs
  • Screw Eyes
    Medium Screw Eye, Small Screw Eye, Large Screw Eye, Lag Screw Eye
  • Screws
    Pan Screw, Sheet Metal Screw, Wood Screw, Concrete Screw
  • Springs
    Compression Spring, Extension Spring, Porch Swing Spring
  • Staples
    Cable & Wire Staples, Flooring Staple, Fence Staple, Staple
  • Stock Metal
    Aluminum Tube, Brass Strips, Stainless Steel Tube, Round Rod
  • Toggles and Wings
    Mushroom Head Toggle Bolt, Toggle Wing, Drywall Toggle Bolts
  • Washers
    Lock Washer, Steel Fender Washer, SAE Flat Washer, Washer Wide
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