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Has my order shipped yet?

Posted by on 10/15/2016 to All Questions
Has my order shipped yet?
Once your order has been processed an email will be sent to the email address you provided to us at the time of purchase. This email will explain when your order will ship out and include an estimated time frame of when to expect your shipment. Most orders ship in 2-4 business days. Please be aware that times may fluctuate during holidays, weekends, or even hazardous weather conditions.

Please remember that FedEx can not deliver to PO boxes, so if this is where your order must be shipped to, you must use USPS as your delivery choice or provide us with a physical address that your order can be shipped to.

Note: It is important to make sure you enter your email address correctly. This will ensure that you will receive all emails from the various departments. We have had a few incidents; where a fake email or mistyped email address was entered. This will not keep the order from being placed, processed, shipped and delivered. However, during the processing procedure, all emails sent will fail, thus leaving the customer in the dark about their order status.

To find out more information on processing, click here.

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