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Home Maintenance for Midwinter

Posted by Midland Hardware on 12/19/2017 to Home Maintenance and Repair
Home Maintenance for Midwinter

Routine Home Maintenance for Midwinter


It's common to get the winter blues. If you live somewhere cold, you're probably cooped up inside with a few feet of snow blocking your driveway. Snow days from work or school, rather than being a welcome mini-vacation, can start feeling like a curse as you've lost your main incentive to leave the house. It's no wonder so many people can't wait for winter to be over.

If you're getting stir-crazy at home, you can direct that energy into something productive that will also earn you a sense of accomplishment and let you take pride in your limited surroundings. It's time to perform some midwinter home maintenance!


Change your Water Filters

You need to change the filters in your ice maker and water filtration systems at least twice a year. If you forget, you'll notice a bad taste and possibly a smell, and sometimes debris appearing in your water and ice cubes. If you don't remember when you last changed your filters or you're not sure it's time yet, just watch out for the beginnings of unpleasant taste or discolored ice cubes — then it's definitely time to get some new water filters.


Clean your Drains

Do you want to have smelly, backed-up drains during a time of year when you can't open the windows? We didn't think so. Clean and freshen your drains at the first signs of slow drainage, so you address the problem before it gets worse. This includes all the drains in your kitchen and bathroom, as well as your laundry room if you have another sink in there. Don't forget your kitchen garbage disposal, either!


Organize your Closets and Food Pantry

Midwinter is a great time to engage in some serious cleaning and reorganization. You're looking to do two things here: throw out what you can, and organize what's left. Get rid of that 7-month old half-empty box of crackers that seems to generate in the back of everyone's pantry when we're not paying attention. Consolidate other supplies — if you have three open boxes of sandwich bags, why not put them all together in one container? Check the closets throughout the house for other junk that can be eliminated, and utilize some closet and pantry organizers to straighten it all out.


Check your Roof and Gutters for Ice Dams and Other Debris

If you can brave the weather, you should check on the state of your roof and gutters. Snow and ice can accumulate and start causing serious problems. Get snow off your roof with a roof rake, and check for ice in your gutters — it could cause them to deform and break. While you're at it, check your attic vents.


Check Pipes and Make Repairs

Frozen or damaged plumbing is going to cause major problems. Check on how your pipes are holding up, and repair or replace vulnerable sections. Also, make sure your pipes are properly insulated from the elements — severe temperature changes can cause pipes to burst, which leads to huge problems and expensive damage.


Check Weatherproofing on Windows

If your house is a little colder than it should be, or you feel like your heater has to work extra hard, you might have some insulation problems. The weakest point in insulation is always the apertures — doors and windows. Properly sealing and weatherproofing your windows will not only keep you more comfortable, it will save you a lot of money and energy otherwise expended for heating your house. Plus, this insulation helps a lot during summer, too, when you'll be trying to cool the house rather than heat it!


Make a List of Necessary Repairs for Spring and the Upcoming Year

As you work on your midwinter maintenance projects, take note of anything that should be attended to in a few months or over the New Year. This includes items that will probably need to be replaced soon, but still have a bit of life left in them. Also, write down maintenance projects you discover need to be done, but can't actually do during the winter months due to temperature, weather, or other factors. Once springtime rolls around you can refer to this list and take care of these important projects. No matter what the season, you can get all the tools and supplies you need at a great price from Midland Hardware.

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