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How to Design Your Front Yard for Maximum Curb Appeal

Posted by Mike Rotter on 7/12/2017 to Decorating Ideas
How to Design Your Front Yard for Maximum Curb Appeal

How to Design Your Front Yard for Maximum Curb Appeal      

What is "curb appeal?" Curb appeal refers to how nice your home looks from the street— the curb. The appearance of your home can be very important, besides the effect it has on your neighborhood. For example, if you're trying to sell your house, curb appeal becomes a factor in how attractive your property is to potential buyers. But even if you're not selling, who doesn't love coming home to a beautiful house and front yard? Here are some budget-friendly ways to improve the curb appeal of your home.

Change or paint your front door

The front door makes a big difference in the overall feel of a house's appearance because the eye is naturally drawn to the door of a home. The door also has symbolism associated with it because it's the means by which you enter. Even if someone doesn't notice anything else about your house, they'll notice the door. Consider painting your door an inviting color, or maybe even replacing your front door completely.

Update your windows

There are several ways to improve the appearance of your windows, including new shutters, window film, and even nice drapes or blinds as long as they can be seen from outside. Window film is the quickest of these ways and turns every window into etched, frosted, or stained glass, creating a sophisticated look immediately.

Enhance your lawn and garden

You can vastly improve the curb appeal of your home by designing a beautiful front yard. If you have a porch or patio, place furniture and hanging planters. Gates, trellises, and walkways can give any yard a beautiful look. Consider a pond or fountain if you have the space for it. Plant flowers, use mulch and edging to separate different areas, and install a sprinkler system to keep your grass green and lush. To maintain the look at night, line your walkway with solar path lights. They'll charge all day and light up when the sun goes down.

Maintain your roof and gutters

Decorations are one thing, but your home should look clean and in good repair too. Proper maintenance of your roof and gutters will not only add to its overall appearance but also help in keeping your home weatherproof.

Add décor and accessories

Signs and house numbers do more than help your friends find your home; they can also enhance the look of your house and yard. You may also be in need of a new mailbox, which is an often-neglected element that can greatly affect first impressions.

Enjoy the results

These tips can be worked into your budget and will have your home looking beautiful, even the small details. You can find all the necessary tools and equipment here at Midland Hardware, and for more ideas, check out our other blog posts. Form a plan, put it into action, and then step back to enjoy your home's lovely new look!


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