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Keys and Locks

At Midland Hardware, we have thousands of products and almost 1500 of them are keys and locks. We carry keys and locks for almost anything, from padlocks to luggage locks to gun locks. We also have combination locks for any application you need.

We also carry blank keys and key accessories, automotive blank keys, and key cases and pouches for when you have more keys than you know what to do with. Our selection also includes key rings, keychains, locking cables, specialty locks, and much, much more.

  • Key Equipment
    Machine Brush, Machine Key Cutter, Replacement Cutter Wheels
  • Key Rings
    Split Rings, Key Accessories, Assorted Size Keyrings, Multipurpose Keyrings
  • Locking Cables
    Steel Chains, Bike Locks, Cable Locks, Combination Locks, Tumbler Locks
  • Luggage Locks
    Locks, Personal Tags, Keyed Luggage Locks, Various Locks
  • Padlocks
    Master Locks, Assorted Locks, Key Locks, Security Locks, Laminated Padlocks
  • Rekeying
    Kwikset, Reset Cradles, Keying Kits, Assorted Rekeying Products
  • Specialty Locks
    Discus Locks, Combination Locks, Towing Lock Kits, Wordlock Incorporated
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