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Knee Pads

Knee protection is extremely important as kneeling for extended lengths of time can be painful and cause damage to your knees. Doctors and professionals everywhere recommend knee pads for anyone who has to kneel or crawl during work, like plumbers, mechanics, painters, and many others. At Midland Hardware, we have a wide variety of knee pads, gel knee pads, foam knee pads, and more to keep your knees comfortable during those types of jobs.

Knee pads reduce pain from kneeling and protect your knees from pressure against hard surfaces. Without adequate protection, the knee can be permanently damaged from this type of pressure. Knee pads relieve the pressure and provide a cushioned surface for your knee instead of a hard floor. You should consider kneepads an essential part of your workplace gear if you spend any time kneeling whatsoever.

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Professional Kneepads With Layered Gel
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Flooring Kneepads
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Utility Kneepad
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Flex Washable Kneepad
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Hard Shell Kneepad
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GelDome Hard Shell Kneepad
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GelDome Flooring Kneepad
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Camo Kneepad
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DuraFoam Kneepad
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Soft Shell Kneepad
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Gel All-Terrain Kneepad
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Gel Flexible Kneepad
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No Rock Gel Kneepad
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