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Large or Bulk Quantity Orders

Posted by on 10/15/2016 to All Questions
We carry large quantities of some items, and less of others, depending on the season or demand of a product. If the amount needed is (for example 100) , we may have 75 available in our Warehouse or Store and the other 25 in one of our other warehouses. When situations like this occur you may be contacted by one of our associates by email, breaking down what we have and what we can offer. If we do not have the whole amount in stock, we may break the shipment up and send what we have now and send the back ordered item(s) when we receive them. But commonly, unless the item is needed immediately, we will ship the whole amount out when the whole order is fulfilled.You will be notified if this occurs and we will ask you how you wish to proceed with the order.

Rare or Eclectic Items

We have a Main Warehouse and our Brick and Mortar based store in Kansas City Missouri, which stocks over 32,000 items. Some of the items we sell and carry may fall into the category of being an eclectic item; a rare/ hard to find item; an older model part; or just something we normally do not carry a large quantity of because of low demand. With these kind of items we stock larger quantities in 7 other warehouse around the United States.

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