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Multiple Product Orders

Posted by on 10/15/2016 to All Questions
For a multiple product order, we will make every attempt to ship all products contained in the order at the same time. Products that are unavailable at the time of shipping will be shipped as they become available, unless you inform us otherwise. You will only be charged for products contained in a given shipment, plus any applicable shipping charges. You will only be charged for shipping at the rate that was quoted to you on your purchase receipt. The entirety of this shipping charge may be applied to the first product(s) shipped on a multiple shipment order. There are times when items that are very large do not properly quote the correct shipping cost.  For example a large chair may charge you $25 to ship but once we put the weight and dimensions in the system the actual cost to ship is $65.  We will contact you to let you know and see how you want to proceed.  This is due to FedEx only calculating the weight and not all the dimensions of an order. We have no control of this and therefore can not pay the additional shipping cost on these orders.  You may choose to pay the additional shipping or cancel the order.  We can help you with either decision.

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