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Brushes, Pads, and Rollers

Need to paint something? Or do you need a good wire brush for stripping or cleaning? Midland Hardware has all the brushes, pads, and rollers you could possibly need! We have a huge selection of brushes made from a variety of materials, suitable for use with latex paint, oil paint, stains and finishes, and more. We also have scrub brushes, wire brushes, deck brushes, and everything else.

If you need to cover a larger surface like a wall or ceiling, we have the best paint rollers with both high and low nap, good for strongly textured and smooth surfaces respectively. We also have paint roller covers and trays.

Our selection also includes painting accessories like paint roller grids, paint strainers, painter's combs, paint lid openers and more. If you need painting supplies you are definitely in the right place!

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