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Paint Additives and Colorants

Want to add a tint or texture to your paint? Maybe you want to create a nice sand finish to bring something special to a painted surface. Or maybe you want to toughen your paint so it dries with much more resistance to damage. Midland Hardware has what you need!

We have a large selection of paint additives and colorants to enhance your paint in a variety of ways. We have sand finish additives, fine, medium, and coarse texture additives, several types of paint hardener, latex paint conditioner for easier spraying with less nozzle clog, and more. 

If safety is a concern, we carry anti-slip paint additives that add texture to floors. Our selection includes Tread-Tex and Skid-Tex for usage with floor paint. Prevent slipping even in wet conditions!

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Floetrol Qt. Latex Paint Conditioner
In Stock
1-Lb. Sand Finish Paint Additive
In Stock
Organic Paint Hardener 1 Gallon
Out of Stock
1-Lb. Skid-Tex Paint Additive
In Stock
1/2-Pint Japan Drier
In Stock
1-Lb. Roll-A-Tex Medium Texture Additive
In Stock
Tread-Tex Anti-Skid Paint Additive, 1-Lb.
In Stock
Roll-A-Tex 1-Lb.  Fine Texture Additive
In Stock
1-Lb. Roll-A-Tex Coarse Texture Additive
In Stock
Waste Away 3.5-oz. Paint Hardener
In Stock
3.5-oz. Waste Paint Hardener
In Stock
5OZ Mult Counter Flecks
In Stock
Rock 2.5LB Domino Chips
In Stock
E-B Emulsa Bond, Gallon
In Stock
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