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Planning a Summer Party

Posted by Christianna Cannon on 7/17/2018 to Celebration & Holiday Parties
Planning a Summer Party

Planning a Summer Party


Summer has different meanings for different people. For kids, it means summer vacation, possibly summer camp. For families, it often means taking a trip together. For many adults, it means the perfect opportunity to get outside and kick back with a cold drink. But there's one summer event everyone can come together for, and that's the summer outdoor party!

Planning the perfect summer party is easy if you know where to start and have some guidelines as to what type of supplies you'll need. Whether you want to have a small get-together or a big bash with everyone you know, the following tips will help you make your party unforgettable for everyone.


Spruce up your yard ahead of time

Think about what you do when you're getting ready for a party. You clean up and dress up both your home and yourself. When the party is outdoors, it makes a huge difference if you do the same for your yard! If everything is lush and green, your lawn and garden will be much more inviting. Having a fresher, greener yard can actually make your days a little cooler, too.

Give yourself plenty of time to do some serious yard work, or at least enough to get everything trimmed and neat, and then fertilize your trees, lawn, and garden. Your goal is to have a beautiful, vibrant yard by the time the party rolls around.


Get plenty of seating and tables

Lack of seating is the number one party killer because it results in guests standing around uncomfortable all the time. Nobody wants to take someone else's seat, nobody wants to get up and lose their seat, and the end result is awkwardness all around. Lack of seating also makes it much more difficult for guests to eat and find a place to stash their drinks.

Cut this problem off before it can start by preparing your backyard with extra seating and other outdoor furniture. Make sure you have plenty of tables, including both larger tables and small folding ones you can set up quickly. If your area is prone to wind, make sure you select outdoor furniture that won't tip over easily.


Prevent uninvited guests (mosquitoes and other bugs)

Mosquitoes are probably the worst thing about summer. Increased rains lead to a population boom and unfortunately, the best time of the evening is usually when the little bloodsuckers like to come out to hunt. To get rid of mosquitoes, you can take multiple approaches to prevent and repel them.

If you have any standing water in your yard (such as a birdbath), change it out frequently to prevent mosquito larvae from growing. For the night of the party (and general outdoor use), stock up on citronella candles and torches, which are known to repel mosquitoes (and they smell pretty great too). If you have a really serious number of bugs you might want to look into some other pest control and insect repellents as well.


Get your swimming pool ready

If you have a swimming pool or outdoor spa, make sure it's squeaky clean for your guests to enjoy. You might also want to grab up some pool toys, so while the party is still in the planning stages, stock up on pool equipment and supplies.

Some people are very sensitive to chlorine, so after cleaning your pool, you'll want to make sure it's at acceptable levels. This is usually only a problem for people who don't use their pool very much, as it's easy to over-chlorinate if you don't often get in the water yourself. You should also have plenty of towels available because it's almost guaranteed that someone will forget to bring one!


Prepare to barbecue

In the majority of people's minds, you can't have a summer party without a grill! Even if you don't eat meat, you can still achieve some amazing results with grilled veggies. Make sure you're prepared for recipes ahead of time, and if you don't have a grill, consider picking one up. Several sizes of grills are available for any size yard. Don't forget cups, plates, flatware, and paper towels, and if you're going to be cooking heavy, messy food (like barbecue sauce-soaked burgers) opt for the sturdier plates!

Another option is to set up a firepit for people to roast their own hot dogs and marshmallows (and of course make s'mores). You can get a small portable firepit as an alternative to digging a hole in your yard. Make sure to check local ordinances to find out if there are any restrictions on open flames.


Light up the night

Nobody wants the party to be over just because the sun is going down. Set up some outdoor lighting, and consider safety as well as giving your yard a festive atmosphere. Christmas lights can work any day of the year and you can use path markers to help people find their way around your yard.

If you're getting a lot of light from citronella candles and torches, or from your firepit, you can stick to more subtle lights. Outdoor LED lights are very effective and produce decent lighting without being overwhelming.


Final touches

One thing people neglect to consider when party planning is the fact that their bathrooms are going to be receiving a lot of traffic. Make sure you stock up on soap, toilet paper, and other bathroom supplies so your guests won't be caught in an embarrassing situation. You should also have a first aid kit around just in case someone gets a small injury, but don't keep it in the bathroom! Someone might be in there when you need it.

Now look around at your other supplies and think about what might be missing. Do you have space outdoors for sports and games? Do you have enough ice buckets and coolers? Make sure you shop for the rest of the backyard recreation supplies you might need. Once you've planned everything and stocked up fully, you're ready to throw a party so awesome that your guests will already be asking about next year!


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