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Tools and Hardware

In need of Tools and Hardware? Midland Hardware can help you. We have a wide selection of products from Bibb Parts to Cement as well as Cutters and Drain Parts. We also carry Flanges and Wrenches. With our wide and varied selection you are sure to get exactly what you want when you shop here at Midland Hardware.
  • Access Panels
    Access Panel, Steel Access Door, Plastic Access Doors, Handi-Access
  • Drain Augers
    Drum Auger, Wire Auger, Wire Drain Auger, Power Snake, Drain Cleaner
  • Drain Openers
    Drain Opener, Hose & Faucet Adapter, Drain Stick, Drain King Kit
  • Furnace Cement
    Boiler Liquid, Furnace Cement, CryoTek AntiFreeze, Boil/Heat SysCleaner
  • Plumbers Tools
    Spring Tube Bender, Nipple Extractor, Handle Puller, Cutters, Wrenches
  • Plungers
    Force Cup, Plunger, Bellows Plunger, Heavy Duty Plungers
  • Sewer Rods
    Toilet Auger, Flat Sewer Rod, Sink Cleaner
  • Solder and Flux
    Flux/Applicator, Solder, Mig Pliers, Cleaning Tool, Flux Brushes
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