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Pond and Fountain Accessories

Fountain and Pond Supplies & Accessories

Few things add ambiance to a yard like a pond or fountain. Midland Hardware carries a complete selection of supplies for every step of pond or fountain installation and maintenance.

We have everything from pond kits, fountain statuary, pumps, filters, sterilizers and chemicals, tubing, lighting, and more. We also have supplies for keeping fish in your pond or creating a water garden. Whether you prefer a modern fountain or a rustic backyard pond, you can find the products you need for it here, at the right price.

  • Pond Accessories
    De-Icer, Skimmer, Fish Net, Nozzle Kit, Pond Heater, Tablets, Foam
  • Pond Chemicals
    Foam B Gone, Neutralizer, Test Strip, Algaefix, Simply Clear, Pond Salt
  • Pond Fish Food
    Spring/Autumn, Flaked, Sticks, Floating, Reptomin A, Summer, Feed Block
  • Pond Pump
    Pump, Garden, Fountains, Filter, Garden Kit, Pond, Mag, Huge Selection
  • Water Gardening
    Nutrients, Garden, Pump, Digital, Analog, Timer, Seeding Tray, Bulbs
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