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Rope, Chain, and Wire

Stocking up on Rope Chain and Wire? Midland Hardware has all of your needs covered. From Boat Lines to Chain as well as Cord and Twine. We also carry Tie Downs With well over 500 different products to choose from you are sure to find exactly what you want when you shop right here at Midland Hardware.
  • Cable
    Aircraft, Clamps, Ferrules & Stops, Thimble
  • Chain
    Connecting Links, Double Loop Jack Links, Specialty Chains, Chains
  • Chalk and Mason Line
    Nylon Chalk & Mason Line, Chalk & Mason Line
  • Clevis and Hooks
    Clevis-Shackle, Hitch Pins, Hook-Grab, Hook-Slip
  • Clothesline
    Cotton Clothesline, Plastic Clothesline, Plastic Coated Clothesline
  • Cord
    Cotton Cable, Drapery & Blind, Nylon, Sash
  • Rope
    Manila Rope, Nylon Rope, Polypropylene Rope, Sisal Rope
  • Rope Hook with Cleats
    Nickel Strap Loop, Tarp Hook, Rope Hook, Clothesline Hook-Plate
  • Snaps
    Malleable Iron Nickel, Malleable Iron Zinc, Stainless Steel, Zinc & Nickel
  • Twine
    Cotton, Jute, Nylon, Sisal, Specialty
  • Velcro
    Velcro USA, Industrial Velcro, Velcro Tape, Titanium Strip, Coin Velcro
  • Wire
    Aluminum Wire, Brass Wire, Clothesline, Copper Wire, Steel Wire
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