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Septic Tank and Cesspool Treatment

Proper maintenance of septic tanks and cesspools is absolutely required. Drainage must be clog-free, roots must not encroach into the plumbing, and the environment must be maintained to help sewage break down. At Midland Hardware, we have a wide selection of treatments for your septic tank or cesspool to ensure your septic system is in great condition.

We have foaming root killer, more effective than non-foaming drain cleaners, and we also have soap, grease, and paper digester as well as bacterial additives to help ensure the breakdown of sewage. We also carry a variety of other septic tank and cesspool treatments to keep the natural processes working as they need to. Please note that antibacterial soap, while popular for keeping hands clean, kills some of the bacteria necessary for sewage breakdown, so you may want to supplement your septic system with these products if you prefer to use antibacterial soap.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at Midland Hardware and we'll help you out.

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Cesspool Treatment, Qt.
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Main Line Sewer/Septic Cleaner, 32-oz.
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Foaming Root Killer, Lb.
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GreenPig Septic Tank Treatment
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Professional Septic System Additive, 24-oz.
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Soap Grease & Paper Digester, Qt.
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Septic Tank System Treatment, 48-oz. Liquid
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Septic Tank System Treatment, 39.2-oz. Liquid
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Septic Tank & Cesspool Bacterial Cleaner, Qt.
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Septic Tank Treatment, Qt.
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Septic Tank Treatment, 12-oz.
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Ridx 3CT Septi Pacs
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Septic Treatment, 3-Pk.
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