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Charcoal Chips Pellets and Wood

Do you need Charcoal Chip Pellets and Wood Products? Midland Hardware can help you. We have a wide selection of products from BBQ Chips and Pellets to Charcoal and Grill Igniitors as well as Grill Stones and Planks. With over 80 different products to choose from you are sure to find exactly what you want when you shop right here at Midland Hardware.
  • BBQ Chips and Pellets
    Wood Chips, Cedar Plank, Hickory Pellets, Mesquite Chunk, BBQ Pellets
  • Charcoal
    Charcoal, Briquettes, Kingsford, Lump Charcoal, Duraflame Briquette
  • Grill Ignitors
    Utility Lighter, Candle Lighter, Lighter Fluid, Firestarters
  • Grill Stones
    Char Rock, Briquettes, Char Diamond Briquettes, Lava Rock
  • Planks
    Grate Cleaner, Grill Cover, Grill Cleaner, Large Planks
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