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Tips for an Awesome Halloween

Posted by Midland Hardware on 10/12/2017 to Celebration & Holiday Parties
Tips for an Awesome Halloween

Happy Halloween from Midland Hardware!


Halloween is right around the corner, and it's time to get your house and yard ready for the spookiest day of the year! Whether you want to throw a great Halloween party for all your friends, scare up your yard to attract trick-or-treaters, or just do a little fun decorating to bring that October spirit into your home, Midland Hardware has some great ideas for you.



Halloween lighting isn't just for creepy looks or clarifying safe paths for walking, although it can definitely be both. It's also a lot of fun to hang lights around your home almost the same way you would for Christmas. Halloween lights are available in cool colors like purple or orange and shapes like ghosts, pumpkins, and bats. One idea is to use the shaped lights around your door or other areas where you want to draw attention, and line the edges of your roof with plain orange or purple, or maybe festive multicolor. Think Christmas lights, only Halloween!


Indoor and Outdoor Décor

Everyone loves Halloween décor, like witches, cats, ghosts, spiders, skeletons, and of course pumpkins! We have both indoor and outdoor Halloween decorations that are sure to add some spooky ambiance to your home and yard. Try arranging different décor elements to make a scene. For example, place tombstones in rows to represent a graveyard, and add a nearby ghost emerging from the ground.

If your yard is covered in fallen leaves, turn them into huge Jack o'Lanterns with pumpkin lawn bags. Add a 12-foot tall inflatable witch and light it all up with a Halloween spotlight, and you have a whole other Halloween scene up in minutes — plus, your yard is clean!

One of the most important Halloween decorations is also a tradition: pumpkin carving. It's easy to design and carve your own Jack o'Lantern with pumpkin-carving tools, although it does take a little practice! Light him up safely with an orange Halloween battery-powered tea light.


Trick or Treat

Your yard may look great, but are you ready for trick-or-treaters? Make it safe and easy to navigate a path to your front door by placing Halloween path markers, like skull pathway markers, pumpkin pathway markers, ghost pathway markers, or whatever suits your Halloween style the best. For an extra fun look, use multiple types of path markers together, alternating designs. You're also going to need a candy bowl for when kids come to the door, so why not get a cool haunted light-up skull candy bowl? Kids will love it, especially if your other neighbors are only using a plain basket or bag.

If you need any more ideas, check out our Halloween supplies at Midland Hardware, and enjoy being the coolest house on the block!

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