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Knives Razor Blades and Scrapers

If you are looking for Knives Razor Blades and Scrapers then you have come to the right place. We have a wide selection of products from Utility Knives to Box Knives as well as Utility Knife Blades. We also carry Glass Scrapers as well as Wire Brushes. With over 150 different products to choose from you are bound to get the product you are after when you shop right here at Midland Hardware.
  • Knife Blades
    Snap Off Blades, Utility Knife Blades, Razor Blades, Hobby Blades
  • Knives Hobby
    Hobby Knife, Hobby Knife Set, Flare Based Precision Hobby Knife
  • Knives Utility
    Retractable Blade Knife, Utility Knife, Carton Cutter, Snap Blade Cutter
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