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Wallpaper, Tools, and Chemicals

Planning to work with wallpaper? At Midland Hardware, we have all the wallpaper tools and chemicals you need, whether you're going to be applying wallpaper or removing it. We have a wide range of pastes and adhesives for wallpaper application and repair, as well as priming and sizing additives. Our selection of wallpaper tools includes smoothing brushes, seam rollers, shears, straightedges, paste brushes, wallcovering sponges, scoring tools, and more.

For removal we have scrapers and replacement blades, wallpaper strippers, wallpaper remover gel spray, and everything else you need. Our wallpaper strippers come in concentrated form as well as ready-to-use, so please make sure you choose the mixture you want.

Midland Hardware is proud to supply you with everything you need for any project. If you need help, please contact us.

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