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What is your Processing Policy?

Posted by on 10/15/2016 to All Questions
  • Orders received before 2:00PM CST are normally processed with in 48 hours.
  • Orders received between 2:00PM CST on Friday and 2:00PM CST on Sunday will be processed in the order that they came in. Please keep in mind that our Customer Service is closed on weekends. (i.e. If you placed and order Friday- Sunday it may not be processed until Sunday.  Possibly Monday depending on the volume of orders.) We do our very best to have all orders caught up by Tuesday afternoon. As we do start processing the weekends orders on Sunday, please make sure that if you need to cancel or adjust an order that you use the forms listed under the Customer Service tab.  The forms go to the processor and they will be able to adjust that as needed.  If you do not use this form the request may not be received until Monday morning and it may be too late to adjust or cancel an order if it has already been processed and invoiced.
  • You will be notified by the email address that you provided when your order has been processed. Please make sure that the email address is correct or the notifications will not make it to you.
  • Holidays are also extremely busy with more orders than normal. This could slow down processing times as well.
Please keep in mind that once an order is processed it CAN NOT be canceled. 
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