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What tools do you need for yard work?

Posted by Christianna Cannon on 6/25/2018 to Outdoor Living
What tools do you need for yard work?

Yard Work Tool Essentials


Some jobs never have a true end, and yard work is one of them. After all, there's always going to be wind and weather blowing new crops of leaves all over the place, always a branch that could fall down, weeds popping up, hedges needing to be trimmed, and so on and on.

But don't look at yard work as an unpleasant task — after all, it means you have healthy plants and trees, and gives you a chance to feel connected with your little patch of the outdoors by caring for it. Few household jobs are more satisfying than well-done yard work, and few impress neighbors and passersby more. After all, not everyone comes up to your front door and visits your home, but everybody sees your yard!

Of course, some people would love to have a beautiful, well-kept yard but cannot take care of it themselves due to time constraints or physical ability. That's where professionals come in, to bring beauty to your home without undue stress for you.

Whether you're a homeowner learning what it takes to give your yard the care it needs or looking into yard work as a professional career, you're going to need the following tools.


Rakes are one of the most basic yard tools, and they see a lot of use every year when the leaves start to fall. Of course, the autumn season isn't the only cause of leaves and debris accumulating in the yard — some trees drop leaves all the time, and summer storms can also knock plenty of leaves (and even branches) into your yard. You can find the best lawn rakes at Midland Hardware.


You need a round-point shovel for digging, and it helps to round out your tools with a square point shovel for scooping, lifting, and throwing. You can do this with the round point shovel, but the square point shovels can hold more. Needless to say, the best shovels are sturdy and made from long-lasting materials like steel.

Hand Tools - pruners, pruning saws, loppers, and shears

These are all necessary for trimming, pruning, and shaping hedges, shrubbery, and trees. It makes a huge difference in the overall appearance of your yard to have your plants pruned well, and you'll need to do occasional pruning to keep your plants healthy.

Spades and hoes

Spades are essential for gardening and used for digging in small spaces and transplanting plants. Hoes are excellent for breaking up roots and tough ground while preparing an area for planting.

Edgers and sling blades

These are specially-shaped blades for refining your yard in various ways. Edgers are for defining straight lines between different areas, like setting up a garden or pathway. Sling blades are also referred to as weed whackers but don't mix them up with the power tool of that name. This type of weed whacker is a double-sided blade for cutting down grass and weeds where a lawnmower can't reach.


Lawns and gardens need watering and tools need cleaning. Sometimes a hose is the best way to manage this. Look for a kink-free hose in the ideal length to use all over your yard — too long a hose can be annoying. You can add different hose nozzle attachments to produce a spray or pressurized stream.

Gloves, knee pads, and protective clothing

You need to protect yourself from the sun, debris, dirt, bugs, blisters… the list goes on. Get a pair of tough work gloves (and a couple backup pairs) as well as knee pads, a sunshade hat, goggles, a breathing mask, and more.

Spreaders & Wheelbarrows

You'll save tons of time (and your back) if you have a way to carry lots of tools, bags of soil, trash, or anything else, and a wheelbarrow fits the bill perfectly.


You'll need ladders for reaching higher tree branches. Never use a ladder that's too short — if you're standing on the very top, stretching upward, you're risking your safety. Better to buy a longer ladder!


The best type of lawnmower will depend on your situation. A push mower or riding mower is a good investment, depending on the size of your yard. If you only have a small amount of grass, a manual mower could work fine (and save on fuel).

Leaf blowers

Leaf blowers are much faster than raking when it comes to removing leaves and debris. However, they are noisy and you're still just displacing the leaves, not picking them up. Use your leaf blower carefully so you don't end up sending all your leaves into the neighbor's yard!

Storage shed or truck

You need a place to keep all your vital yard work tools, and they need to be safe from weather and moisture when not in use. If you don't have space in your garage, invest in a storage shed. If you're planning to start work as a professional lawn care expert, you'll have to bring all your tools with you, so you'll need a truck or trailer.

Midland Hardware is the best place to get the tools you need for yard work, whether you just need a few small hand tools to care for a tiny lawn or larger tools for full landscaping. We have several brands available for you to choose from, and the right tools for any situation. If you have questions, please contact us.

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