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Work Back Belts and Suspenders

Back injuries plague many professions and cause a lot of problems among the workforce due to recovery time and workman's compensation. Protect your back with a back support belt from Midland Hardware!

We also have handyman's belts so you can carry all your tools, as well as work suspenders and everything else you need to get the job done safely, no matter how hard or how heavy the workload. Handyman's belts keep your tools where you need them and keep your hands free, minimizing the temptation to skip part of the job or try to climb a ladder with a tool in your hand. And support belts are a necessity if you do a lot of lifting!

And, let's be honest: sometimes during a hard day's work, your pants can end up slipping a bit. Work belts and suspenders solve this problem and keep you in good form.

At Midland Hardware, we have everything you need for any job or project, whether at home, at work, or in your own shop.

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Handyman's Holster With Belt
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Leather Work Belt, 1.75-In.
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Poly Web Work Belt, 2-In.
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Large Support Belt
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Medium Support Belt
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Yard Stick Liars Suspenders
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Web Elastic Suspenders, Black
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Heavy-Duty Padded Work Belt, 29-46-In. Waist
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Heavy-Duty Yoke-Style Suspenders
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