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Xmas Tree Lights

Christmas is the best time of the year for many people, and Christmas lights are a beloved, classic way to decorate your home for the season! Whether you prefer a more subtle way of decorating or you like to go all-out, Midland Hardware has all the Christmas lights you need, and everything for storage, hanging, and repairing them, too.

We have multiple sizes of lights, from large to miniature, and we carry the cool-burning and reliable LED lights too. We have net and rope lights to help you get that special look you're thinking of. We also have sphere lights, icicle and pathway lights, and tree toppers. We also carry hanging and storage supplies as well as replacement fuses and bulbs.

Please browse our selection and we're sure you'll find the perfect Christmas lights for your home!

  • Rope Lights
    Rope Lights, Multi Colored, Red, Clear, Blue, 18 Feet
  • Spheres
    Twinkle Sphere, Clear Light Sphere, Holograph Sphere
  • Tree Toppers
    Star Tree Top, Angel Tree Top, LED, Colored, Gold, Clear
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