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Toilet and Urinals

If something goes wrong with your toilet, you want to be able to repair it immediately. Thankfully, Midland Hardware carries a full selection of replacement parts for toilets and urinals, including toilet repair ballcocks, bowl bolts, washers, tank levers, tank balls, and other accessories. We also have urinal parts including handle assemblies, flush tube vacuum breakers, flush valve kits, and more.

If you need a new toilet seat, we have plenty to choose from including padded toilet seats, wood toilet seats, and plastic toilet seats, to fit multiple shapes and models of toilet. You can find one in our catalog that matches your bathroom and provides the level of comfort you're looking for.

Midland Hardware is your source for all your home repair needs, from the bathroom to every other part of your home.

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    Crane White Urinal, American Standard Brands
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