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Fruit and Floral Tools

Care for your fruit and flowers with tools from Midland Hardware. We have nut gatherers, garden tools, floral hoes and rakes, floral shovels, and more. Plus, we have a variety of snips and cutters for perfect pruning, as well as fruit harvesters.

Gardening is a wonderful pastime for kids, so we have children's floral hoes, shovels, and rakes. If you want to get your little ones started on their passion for growing beautiful flowers, you'll find what you need right here.

Please feel free to contact Midland Hardware with any questions!

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Kid's Floral Hoe
In Stock
Kid's Floral Shovel
Average Rating(1)
In Stock
Kid's Floral Rake
Average Rating(1)
In Stock
Pecan Picker-Upper
Average Rating(7)
In Stock
Roll-A-Nut Nut Collector, 2-Qt.
Average Rating(10)
In Stock
Harvest & Utility Snips, Long Curved Blade
In Stock
Straight Snip, Stainless Steel
Average Rating(3)
In Stock
Long Curved Snip, Stainless Steel
Average Rating(2)
In Stock
Nut Gatherer, Medium
Average Rating(1)
In Stock
Fruit Picker / Harvester, 8-Ft.
Average Rating(3)
Not for Sale
Nut Gatherer, Large
Average Rating(11)
In Stock
Nut Gatherer, Small
Average Rating(1)
In Stock
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